Wedding Invitations


WEDDING  INVITATIONS for the Digital Era!

Let's make your special day even more exciting with an exclusive online invitation solution dedicated to your event.




Your guests will be able to:

*View Your Pictures

*RSVP Online

*Watch a Personal Invitation Video

*View the Venue and Location on Google Maps

...and so much more !

Wedding Invitation Ideas Cape Town

We live in a digital age, where people love digital solutions. You deserve the latest the market has to offer when it comes to the invitation process for your wedding.


Your guests will love the fact that they can jump on their Computers and Mobile Devices to view all the ins and outs of your wedding.


They will get to View Pictures, Read Your Story and watch a Personal Invitation Video, from you, the soon to be married couple! You can even showcase Pictures of your Engagement Ring and Wedding Cake Ideas.




Tell your guests how the soon to be groom popped the question or even entertain them with a re-enactment video of your proposal!


Also, they will be able to View the Venue and Location on Google Maps, RSVP Online and so much more.

The possibilities are literally endless!


After your wedding, you will also be able to post photos, videos and other content of the actual wedding and keep your website for years to come, turning it into your personal story, that you can keep returning to to relive the memories of those special days.




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